Opera House Casino

Project Description

The site was formally known as the Opera House Theatre, and was a central part of the area until it fell into serious disrepair following extreme flooding in 1998. This was due to the cellar pump being switched off when the theatre closed. This was further exacerbated during that same year when a series of major arson attacks followed. It stood empty for a few years suffering further dereliction until it was finally deemed to be an eyesore by the local authorities and duly condemned. In 2004 work began to demolish the building. As with all projects of this nature there were objections to the demolitions particularly as it was a Grade 2 Listed Building, and further objections were made by the Theatre Trust. Eventually after many months of negotiations agreements were reached on all sides and work began. Demolition was carried out by us on what was a very precarious building. It was due to our very well trained operatives in this field that the demolition work was carried out successfully and safely, including the identification and disposal of asbestos. The construction work was brought together using expert sub-contracting companies working directly with and under the guidance and supervision of KFB (Scarborough) Ltd. It is important to note that the companies that we carefully select are noted for their quality of workmanship and not necessarily by the size of the company. The design and quality of the finished building is unsurpassed with its lavish decor, fittings and luxurious interior. There is a wonderful atmosphere in the Casino that can only bear testament to the design and build quality.

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